Consulting for Service Companies?

It has been standard practice in the Petroleum Industry for Operators to use Consultants to bring in needed expertise and reduce overall costs of operating. The Service Companies have traditionally done everything in-house. That has been the case simply because Consulting Services that really understand the complexities of the Service Industry have not been available. Invictus was founded in order to fill that gap and lead the way forward in providing a more efficient business model for Service Companies.

Our Story

As is the case with every upswing in the petroleum industry, there are tremendous demands for resources at every level that are not being filled. There are challenges every day that soak up all of the time and resources available to Service Company Managers who need help in shoring up weak spots in their companies. Whether it is controlling labor costs or improving sales or just getting processes implemented to stop the insanity that goes on every day, almost every manager could use some help, and none is to be found in this tight market. At Invictus, we see this as an opportunity to immediately bring substantial experience to the table and bridge the gap to help move companies forward.


Em Roosevelt

Founder & President

After graduating from Texas A&M in 1978, Em began his career in the oilfield service industry, starting out as a welder and fabricator at a company in Pasadena, Texas. He worked his way up through the ranks, holding virtually every position in the company, ending up on the Board of Directors.

In 1991 he founded a consulting business that was successful in assisting domestic companies initiate new service lines and went on to launch two successful service companies in Mexico. He designed and manufactured specialized oilfield equipment that gained recognition across the globe from Trinidad to the U.A.E.

During his career, he has founded four companies and held key roles in six others, bringing sustainable growth through good times and guiding companies through numerous harsh downturns by maintaining cash flow and sheltering valuable resources. He has lead operations, sales and management teams both large and small, domestically and internationally, onshore and offshore, and has successfully pioneered the launch and commercialization a number of groundbreaking products and services. His companies have been recognized for excellent service quality to the drilling, production, midstream and environmental segments of the industry. Em has served on the Board of Directors of ten companies.

He founded Invictus in 2018 in an innovative plan to bring new efficiencies to the business models of service companies in the Permian Basin and other locations along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana.

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